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About us


In 1959, The Church of Philadelphia was founded by Pastor Carmine DiBiase, a native of Montreal, Canada.

The vision was to be dedicated to all people regardless of race, color or greed, rich or poor, and that has been the foundation of our church and congregation for over sixty five (65) years.  Through the years, many have passed through our doors.  Some have come and shared their experiences with us, others have come to instruct and inspire us along our Christian walk.

For all these we are so grateful!  A tribute is in order for those who have made this fellowship possible.  It seems that every visitor that comes by, comments on the fact that the people are so friendly and warm.

Indeed, the love for one another is very evident and tangible.  We thank God for the outside ministries that have helped and blessed the church, but above all and most importantly, we thank God for the Laiety, the men and women in the pews.   How good and how pleasant it is to see people from different denominational backgrounds, different ethnicity, coming from different countries with various languages, young and old, sick or healthy, rich or poor, fellowshipping together. 

This is the church of God Who is the maker of us all.


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