I have been a member of the Church of Philadelphia for a number of years and I am known to many as Sister Sandy.  Over the years I have taught recovering female addicts along with overseeing as Regional Director of  “Building the Virtuous Temple Ministries (BVT), and former member of The Esther Ministries.  Currently, I am director of an outside group of women, who go to the Philadelphia Prison on State Road every Wednesday evening to minister to the inmates. “ Women Speaking The Word”, has been a passion of mine for over twelve years and I thank God for His blessings.


At The Church of Philadelphia, under the tutelage of Pastor Carmine DiBiase,  I am the Prayer Coordinator for Sunday morning prayer and I teach our Women’s Sunday School Bible Class, which I truly enjoy.  I also coordinate our Women’s ministry called “Daughters Of  Dorcas”, which meets the second Saturday of every month.  Periodically,  I may share the Word on Intercessory Prayer Night held on Thursday evenings.


I love my areas of service, to see the people of God learn, grow, and mature in the Lord.  I am very passionate to serve the KING.

Elder & Lead Prayer Coordinator

Reverend Dr. Saundra Hannibal

In the late 1990’s, I was seeking a Bible-teaching church.  The moment I walked into The Church Of Philadelphia, Pastor Carmine DiBiase greeted me with; “ Welcome, this is your Father’s house.”  I knew I was home.  From the very beginning, Pastor DiBiase’s sermons came right from the Word of God and I hungered for more.  Soon after, our worship leader was moving outside the area and the church was in need of someone to replace her.  Being a singer and knowing the current worship leader, made it easy for her to suggest that I may be a possible replacement.  As I slowly moved into the position, with the guidance of Pastor DiBiase, I realized that God had prepared a place for me.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to praise and worship our God in song.  Along with our choir and musicians, we have worked together in unity, not to make us perfect, but to worship in Spirit  for the glory and honor of God.


Over the past 20 years, under Pastor DiBiase’s teachings, no words can describe how he has changed my life by his commitment to serving The Lord.  He never gets tired of doing all things decent and in order for God.  As I look into the future, The Church of Philadelphia will remain strong because of the solid foundation that has been made over the years.  Through prayer and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, all being in one accord, God’s approval will be upon us.  I have been given a gift!  A gift of a dedicated Pastor and a multi-cultured church family that truly loves Christ.  

Elder & Lead Worshipper

Joyce D'Amato Caporale

I grew up in a Christian home in the Philippines.  My father was an evangelist and a pastor.  My mother was a school teacher and at the same time, served in my Dad’s ministry as a pastor.  In the 1960’s, my parents founded  the Calvary Christian Churches in the Philippines and  the organization consists  of a number of churches they pioneered  and  still continues to this very day by the grace of God.


I came to the U.S. to join my husband in the fall of 1986.  First on my list of priorities was to find a church where I can serve the Lord just the way I did back home.  My husband and I searched for a church in our neighborhood.  We saw quite an array of church billboards in South Philadelphia but when I saw the signs at The Church of Philadelphia on the corner of 17th & Snyder Avenue, I told my husband “that is the church I am looking for”.  Something really special caught my eye on that billboard but I know now for sure that it was God who led me to this church.  I attended my first Sunday service at The Church of Philadelphia in November of 1986 and have not left since.  When we met Pastor DiBiase, we sensed that the Spirit of the Lord rests on him in wisdom and understanding and as a minister of God to the people. He immediately showed interest in me and my husband. 


Soon, we started a family and had two sons, who are now grown up and are a blessing to the church through their music ministry at the Church Of Philadelphia! Praise God!

I was blessed with a top position in my job with the U.S. Department of Justice as a hospital administrator; I am also thankful to God for a successful home health care business; and for a wonderful family who serves the Lord with me. 


It is at The Church of Philadelphia where I truly experience joy in serving the Lord, whether I am cleaning commodes or laying hands on God’s people.  I am grateful to Pastor DiBiase who saw potential in me.  I was trained and  encouraged  in doing menial tasks to becoming a church leader and an elder.  As an elder of the church and a youth worker, I follow after the Good Shepherd:  nurturing yet protective; humble but wise, loving yet corrective.  I believe that when God approves of one’s obedience and faithfulness, He will be sure to enrich him or her with all things in every way.

Elder, Teen Re-Creation Coordinator & Youth Ministry

Dr. Marilyn Angud

I was born and raised a Catholic in the Philippines.  I believed that there was God but I had no knowledge of God’s word and I did not know who the Lord Jesus Christ was.  Everything I did that pertained to my religion was of a ritual and habit.


In my late teens, I met my future wife, Marilyn and her family.  I came to know that they were of a different faith.  I was impressed by my future father-in-law, and when he spoke, there was a calmness and peace about his speech and character.  After my marriage to Marilyn, we were blessed to come to America.  Marilyn started to attend a church that she was more accustomed to while I attended a different church.  My service was done in an hour, so I would  wait outside The Church of Philadelphia for my wife wondering why her service was longer.  After a couple of weeks, I found myself sitting in the back pew of the Church of Philadelphia.  I could not help tuning into Pastor DiBiase’s sermons.  The more I tuned in, the more I recognized that there was a void and sense of emptiness and meaninglessness in my life.  After a few more months, I gave my heart to The Lord and humbly repented of all my sins, believing and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. 


As a member of the Presbytery of the Church of Philadelphia, there are many duties assigned and it is a great privilege to serve the Lord, all for His honor and glory.

Pastor DiBiase is my spiritual father, my Pastor, and my mentor for over25 years, and ever since that day I sat in the back pew of the church, my life has never been the same.  Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Elder, Lead Usher, Groundskeeper & Maintenance

Socrates Angud

Having grown up as a preacher's son and under the loving tutelage of a godly mother, I learned first-hand what it meant to be a part of a family of faith.  I grew up to love the Lord more as I studied the Bible and learned more of His promises for me.  He has been with me in times of sadness and joy, loss and triumph, fear and faith.  I have come to know more about God's grace that is offered to all.

I have shared my ministry through teaching Vacation Bible School (VBS), Sunday School, Youth and Kids choir.  I sing solo or sing with the choir and involve myself with several of our missions back in the Philippines.

It was year 1992, the month of August, when I walked through the doors of The Church of Philadelphia.  I felt home, welcomed, and loved.

I am excited about the future and truly believe God is doing something special at The Church of Philadelphia.  My prayer is that our church put aside all of our own personal plans, agenda, and perspectives, and become a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ lives, breathes, and loves.

God has great things in store for us if we will only follow His lead.

Elder, Youth Ministry & Music Ministry

Mart Joel B. Racca, Jr.


"It's the START that STOPS most people"