Supporting Members



Sunshine M. Rider-Ivers

 Sunshine M. Rider-Ivers serves as the legal liaison for the Church of Philadelphia.  Working with the Elders overseeing the church’s adherence to the provisions outlined in the by-laws.  She also assists with the youth events. Raised in a Christian home, Sunshine was introduced to the Church of Philadelphia when she was a student at Temple University. Before finishing graduate school and through the fellowship with church members and the guidance of Pastor Carmine DiBiase, her faith grew dramatically and she was baptized by Pastor DiBiase. She credits her spiritual growth to the church’s welcoming, non-judgmental environment. She is excited for what God has in store for the church.  We are a multiracial congregation, Italian, Filipino, African American, Spanish, and more.…we are God’s colorful bouquet his children all living in one accord.   Welcome to your Father’s house!


Itinerant Preacher

Reverend D. Donald Brasco

Pastor Brasco is a retired pastor at Calvary Hill Church in Glassboro, New Jersey.  He was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He received his education at South Eastern University in Lakeland, Florida and Valley Forge University in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  He pastored after graduation in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania for eight years.  He then pastored in Kent, Ohio for three years and in Glassboro, New Jersey for 36 years.  He also served as presbyter for the New Jersey District for 14 years.

In 1978, Pastor Brasco was named in "Who's Who in Religion".

Pastor Brasco enjoys sports, is an avid reader, loves good music and travel.